Monolith and NetYCE Partnership Enables One-Stop Shopping to Unify Service Assurance and Hybrid Network Orchestration & Automation

FRISCO, Texas – May 17, 2017 — Monolith Software, the leader in Service Assurance, today announced a partnership with NetYCE to extend their unified Assurance offering with NetYCE’s closed-loop hybrid network Orchestration and Automation capabilities. The companies work together to ensure seamless integration between Monolith’s AssureNow™ and NetYCE solutions. This will be demonstrated at one of the Catalysts at the TM Forum Live event in Nice, France (May 15-17).

Bill Cannon, CEO of Monolith: “We are seeing tremendous movement by carriers to migrate and simplify legacy and hybrid infrastructures under a unified, virtualized management platform. The success of such a monumental transition will determine whether the Communication Service Providers live or die. By adding automation capabilities, we help CSPs to change and manage networks more quickly, ensuring room for growth of new services, and to continually improve the customer experience.” The partnership launches an out of the box software solution to enable users to simply orchestrate and automate any hybrid network change across any virtual or legacy infrastructure with just a single command or mouse click.

Integration between AssureNow software and NetYCE solution enables closed-loop orchestration for hybrid networks

The partnership will help customers achieve quantum leap business benefits in terms of time to market, user experience and cost savings. All through closed-loop orchestration and zero-touch provisioning.

Wim Gerrits, CEO of NetYCE: “By integrating NetYCE with AssureNow, we are now also able to automate dynamic Assurance and Incident Response Processes be it from fault, performance or security events. Adding this to our existing capabilities is a great improvement and we see a lot of demand from customers in this area. We are excited to demonstrate our joined capabilities in Nice to our Catalyst sponsors BT and Rabobank.”


About NetYCE

NetYCE is market leader in Hybrid Network Orchestration & Closed-loop Configuration Automation for multi-vendor networks. With its unique framework, NetYCE enables CSP's and MSP's to unify and streamline all their network lifecycle change processes and automate both existing Legacy-, NFV- & Cloud networks. Customers are able to achieve quantum leap business benefits such as drastic reduction in time to market and cost savings through zero-touch provisioning and error-free changes, while at the same time improve network stability, compliance and predictability.

About Monolith

Software Monolith Software provides a next generation, scalable analytics software platform for unified service assurance. Built on open standards technology, AssureNow™ transforms how our customers manage data collection, enrichment, visualization, monitoring and reporting to ensure maximum health of their operating infrastructure and service fulfillment in both virtualized and traditional network environments. Leading telecommunications, managed service providers and enterprises, including Aureon, Eir, Equinix, Hargray, MANX, Oracle, Tata Communications, and Tele2, use Monolith to unify and simplify their infrastructure management, and consolidate disparate and legacy tools onto a single platform to significantly reduce operations costs, assure delivery of new services, and enhance customer experience.

More information:

NetYCE – Wim Gerrits
T: +31 6 22177868

Monolith – Donna Bastien
T: +1 303 880-4904


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