Weesp, April 29th, 2014 – Rabobank has started migrating their Cisco network equipment at the local banks to HP switches. In total there are about 570 locations and 1,500 network routers and switches. This operation can be realized much faster than usual because all configurations are prepared in an intelligent way with the netYCE automation platform.

The netYCE software enables Rabobank to stage all new equipment with configurations that are created and managed centrally in the platform. In this way, Rabobank can replace the equipment in a matter of months, which is considerably faster than usual for a migration of this kind. On the evening before each migration, the switch will be activated by the netYCE software. If the engineer has actually replaced the hardware it will automatically get the right configuration from netYCE. Each week 25 sites are migrated in this way.

Another advantage is that considerably less time is spent in case a device is broken. The engineer has sufficient spares with him and does not need to program the device on the spot; this is done automatically by netYCE. The software also provides automated updates and registration of the hardware in the monitoring software. Rabobank uses netYCE already for more than ten years as their central network provisioning and automation tool. More information can be found in the Rabobank Customer Case.

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