Join us and learn how Rabobank have achieved quantum-leap benefits from automating their Hybrid networking infrastructures with NetYCE.

Date: May 15th, 2017 at 02.00 pm CET
Location: TM Forum Live in Nice
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CASE STUDY: Achieving Hybrid Network Orchestration with Open APIs

For more than 15 years, Rabobank has been extremely successful with their closed-loop and top-down approach towards hybrid and multi-vendor network automation and orchestration. Jan Versloot has been the driving force behind this as team lead and specialist NMS tooling architecture, including Security, IPAM, DNS & DHCP integrations. He realised major cost savings, improved Time to Market and full compliance by implementing netYCE to achieve End to End Automation across all of Rabobank’s networks, covering Data Centres, Managed WAN, LAN, MPLS and Firewalls.

  • Closed loop, hybrid network orchestration & automation – best practice experiences from Rabobank
  • Rabobank’s benefits of adopting a unified change management approach with network abstraction and data-driven configuration automation for all their multi-vendor and multi-domain networks
  • How to achieve the benefits of standardizing all network change processes and processes
  • New use cases for global rollout due to merger of Rabobank NL with Rabobank International
  • New use cases to integrate NFV-, Firewall-, and Cloud automation within existing solution
Jan Versloot Team Lead – Data Centre Networks Rabobank
Wim Gerrits CEO & Founder NetYCE

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