Tucana Telecom partners with NetYCE to support growing network automation needs in the European market

Netherlands, 7 juni 2013 – Tucana Telecom, a value-added distributor of Test- and Measurement solutions and related applications/services for telecom- and IT-networks, has partnered with NetYCE to support the growing needs for network automation in the European market. Tucana will distribute the Network Automation platform YCE 6.0 for automated network configuration and -service provisioning in the regions of Benelux, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
Managing Director of Tucana, Koen Gielen, explains why NetYCE makes the perfect fit with their current portfolio: “We offer a broad range of solutions to our customers during the complete lifecycle of their networks. This starts in the development phase of new products and services and continues during installation and operation of the network. With NetYCE we allow our customers to have complete control of their network and achieve all the business benefits such as drastically improved time to market, uptime and operational efficiency.”
NetYCE’s technology has already fully proven itself in an operational environment during the last 12 years. Originally built since 2001 as a custom solution for Rabobank, one of world’s largest triple-A banks, the YCE platform developed into a robust commercial platform with multi vendor, – tenant, -domain and -technology support for (Managed) Service Providers and Enterprises.

Wim Gerrits, CEO of NetYCE: “The conventional approach to Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) has always focused on the existing configurations in the network, not on the processes proceeding the generation of configurations and deployment. In our top-down approach the architecture and design principles are leading and remain so during the full life cycle with all its changes. Via YCE’s unique modeling technology an abstract view of the network is created that, combined the YCE’s smart templates, allows for standardization across the entire network. Automation in this way is easy, allowing customers to have complete control of their network.”

The YCE platform is positioned as the umbrella platform for change management, automation and orchestration across traditional- and SDN-, NFV or virtualized networks. Customers can choose whether to automate traditional networks with ‘SDN like functionality’ or orchestrate processes across different technologies, making YCE an ideal solution for different implementation strategies.


About NetYCE

NetYCE was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from Rabobank group ICT to bring their internally developed network automation platform to the market. With its unique ‘top down’ approach NetYCE delivers standardization & network automation across traditional networks and enables orchestration with new technology networks, using Virtualization, SDN or NFV. The YCE platform enables (Managed) Service Providers and Enterprise customers to provision and automate network changes fast and reliable in a standardized, collaborative and transparent way between all teams involved (architects, designers, engineers and operators).

About Tucana Telecom

We believe that our success and competitive advantages lies in providing our customers with a combination of telecom know-how, price efficient products, and fast access to expert support. Our products and services are all built on a solid platform of signalling and data protocol know-how. This platform is continuously strengthened through our tight hands on interrelations with our largest customers. It is our ambition to contribute to increased revenues and reduced costs for our customers by providing them with powerful operations and business support systems. If you would like to know more about the company, either as a potential customer or as a potential partner, do not hesitate to contact us – we are here for you!
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For more information:
NetYCE – Wim Gerrits
T: +31 6 22177868 T
E: wim.gerrits@netyce.com

Tucana Telecom – Koen Gielen
+32-(0)3-23763 26
E: koen.gielen@tucana.com

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